Zoe Gambieraki is a wedding photographer based in Athens but also available to cover destination wedding shootings around Greece. She also undertakes other projects such as portraits, traveling photography, family photography, as well as personal art projects.  

Zoe has studied sociology and history of photography and worked as a storyteller and creative director in the advertisement business for 12 years (Magnet, Olympic DDB, Adel Saatchi & Saatchi), which has influenced and enriched her pictorial view and professional experience.

For 10 years, she was a member of the Photographic Circle, where she attended workshops and studied printing techniques.

She has exhibited her personal art work in Greece, Italy and France. Her artwork is also presented in the publication “Greek contemporary photography” by art historian Kostas Ioannidis.

She has published the books “Siesta” and “European Summer Theater Academy” for the Greek National Theater and travel guides for Kathimerini newspaper (ed. Explorer).



“When Zoe was taking our photographs, it felt as if she was not there; so discreet was her presence – no poses, no directions – just sweet advices that convinced you immediately. When we saw the photographs we confirmed what we suspected from the moment we first met her; she was everywhere and most of all she felt our feelings. Zoe’s photographs are not just a simple take of a special occasion but they speak to you with the most beautiful way about all these – which are so precious to us – that happened and gone.

She, herself, is – and at this point I will use Harry’s words – friendly, calm, discreet, polite, experienced, professional both before and after…and I will add that she is always Zoe Gambieraki both before and

after …Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Harry &  Doretta.


Dear Zoe,

Not only was the photo shoot perfect and of the utmost professionalism, but most importantly we also had the chance to meet a beautiful person. We hope our friendship lasts even after our work is done as one always needs people that can offer such love and strength, peace and kindness.

Thank you, Zoe, for the perfect pictures and for your lovely company.

Vaggelis & Eleni



WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! You captured so many things that we forgot about or missed on the day!!!! If I were not so busy at work, I could go on and on! Dimitris  and I were so touched and so happy to relive all the excitement of our big day when the pictures came. It is wonderful to have them!! ….”

Βlaire & Dimitris


“On YOUR wedding day you are enchanted! With the magic wand, literally! Everything flows in a dizzying speed.

And in the next days everything becomes sea…and you are dizzy!

And you go out for a walk holding Zoe’s photos…

To be honest, I had never imagined that a third person, a stranger up to that point, would embrace such a personal moment with such sensitivity.

Zoe, having to her credit a photographic work of amazing personal style, devoted time and attention to our photo shooting from the very first moment. She thought about it and prepared it. There was nothing to give the impression of a canned wedding shoot, every detail felt really fresh and…tasty! That day (or rather, days) she was discreetly by our side and she was taking pictures, which were full of sweetness, uniqueness, creativity. Her eye was everywhere, close to us, to our family and the guests. She shot really beautiful candid’s of life.

We remember our wedding day as a unique day for us and our dear persons, a day full of laughter, sweet feelings and beautiful colors. Zoe’s photographs guide us. And we do thank her for that from the bottom of our hearts”.

Joe & Ioanna


A French director once said that “Photography is the truth” and that is what we wished for in our wedding: true pictures, photos that tell the story of every minute of the most important day in our lives.

Zoe was there for us from the very first moment (during the pre-wedding shoot as well as on our wedding day), consistent, always alert, discrete but also decisive, tireless and always in touch with us. Thus, she conducted a great photo shoot. She captured with her lens moments that are meaningful and important to us and our family, moments that her trained eye could not miss.

She delivered all the relevant photographic material soon after our wedding and all our friends and family were thrilled by the result. She gave us unique portraits and original photos that could actually be compared to paintings.

For us, a photo is successful when it fills you with emotions, brings a smile on your face or even tears in your eyes and Zoe has succeeded in exactly that: giving us great photos!

We’d like to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for that gift.

George – Vicky


When looking at Zoe’s pictures, we relive our wedding day frame by frame! Pictures that are filled with emotion, are moving but also funny, and capture the truth of the moment. Our family, our friends, the looks, the hugs, the tears, the smiles and kisses come to life in front of our very eyes and fulfill their purpose in the best of ways: they take us back to these moments…

A pleasant experience, a fascinating result!

Thank you, Zoe, for capturing those moments!

Kostas & Clio 


“Zoe, you are not just a photographer, artist or author. You are the one that gives to every photo shoot quality, life, love , and emotion.  You express the beauty there is in your soul.  Thank you very much.”

Μika & Dimitris


“Zoe, you are a fantastic photographer!

Our collaboration has been a very pleasant experience for me. Thanks to you, I had an even greater time on my wedding day… And the result of your work is amazing, truly unbelievable.

Thank you for everything.”

Georgia & Paul


Zoe, thank you very much for the wonderful pictures! You made our wedding photo shoot a unique and unforgettable experience!

Yannis & Natassa

My Zoe, your photos are a masterpiece! We thank you very much for faithfully and utterly capturing our joy and happiness with your lens!!!

Eleni &  Michalis


Zoe, you are an incredible person and your work is amazing!!!!!!!!! There are no words to describe it… May you always be well and full of inspiration so that you can spread smiles and give us beautiful memories and “moments” that should not and cannot be forgotten… Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Katerina Kokkonis 


 “Every time we look at our wedding album with the photographs that Zoe took, we feel as moved and happy as we felt that day. Everything is there. Her discreet presence behind the camera, her aesthetics and sensitivity played a really important role on that day. Especially the dialogue between Zoe and the bride creates a charming game that sets both sides free and awakens the sweetest, spontaneous and real elements you have within you. Zoe, through the clarity of her photographs and the accurate estimate of time and space, creates photographs that inspire respect. It is certain that our black-and-white portraits – which are something far more that simple portraits – will be the most valuable thing we will be able to show to our children.”

Thank you Zoe, 

Dimitris & Dimitra

“We have chosen  Zoe as our wedding photographer, because we saw in her a real passion and love for her work. We really feel this way, when we look at our wedding photographs. We were so lucky that we found her! And this is very important now, that our wedding became a piece of the past and we are seeking to relive it through these photographs. It is a blessing to have a good photographer, a photographer capable and determined to capture the real moment or better to sense it… And Zoe really understands this responsibility but above all, I believe that she has the manifold talent to detect and capture these images, while at the same time she encourages you with her presence to give the best of you. And of course she is very caring with everything she does…Her valuable help in the bridal make-up and the general appearance of the bride, the thank-you cards for our guests and the album she made for us are also unique. We do thank her and we highly recommend her to anyone. Zoe, be always well and creative!” 

Tom &  Laura.


“We would like to say that every time we open the box with the photographs, which you took of our wedding, happiness springs out of it! It is certain that you will be taking photographs of us…of our family, of our children, for many years to come.” 

Caroline &  Christoph.


“…thank you for being there!… Through your photographs we will have the chance to feel everything, the colors, the essence of the day, the love of our family…over and over again.” 

Marina & Petros.


“Thank you for your great work, for your consistency, for your professionalism, for everything. Your photographs are simply compelling… We want them all! We cannot choose!” 

Vivi &  Harry.


“…This is a wedding photography of high professional level and with concept. Nothing was left to chance. Everyone who saw them was truly impressed…”

 Maria &  Panos.


“Congratulations Zoe!”

The portraits are amazing and what is most fascinating is this theatrical atmosphere in the photographs, especially during the preparations. And they all are so “alive”!”

Efi & Vaggelis.


“Almost a year has passed but we still feel the need to tell you a huge thank you for everything you have done for us, by giving life with your photographs to the most beautiful day of our lives. We look at our photographs very often, experiencing once again the hours of sweet anticipation and the celebration that followed. We know very well that without you and your incredible eye, these photographs would not be so vivid, so magnificent, so unique! We wish you the best for you and your family. With boundless appreciation,

Olga &  Dimitris.


“Your photographs are fantastic storytellers. They breathe life into everything…one can feel the wind, smell the salty water of the Aegean, the warmth of the candles in the church, hear the priest’s voice… they capture the light in the bride’s eyes, the pride and joy in the parents’ hearts…the smile in the groom’s heart…

 they are a treasure..


Irene Kapetanaki