Frequently asked questions

What kind of wedding events do you cover?

It can be an intimate ceremony or it can be a large destination wedding. I love them both. I find shooting in different styles, moods and environments very challenging. 

Which Greek wedding destinations do you cover?

I am based in Athens, my office is in the area of Chalandri, but I am willing to travel for those who appreciate my work.

I love working in the Greek islands and I have been there very often to shoot wonderful destination weddings. We have magnificent places for wedding photography! I love weddings in Sifnos, Tinos, Patmos, Kos, Skiathos, Crete, Spetses, Chalkida, Myconos, Santorini, Monemvasia, Nafplio, Chalki, Kalamata and I suggest that you choose one of those destinations for your wedding!

How would you describe your style in wedding photography?


My vision is to always create timeless and elegant pictures which you will enjoy for years!

Soulful images

My priority has always been to capture the feelings of people and produce powerful, emotional images. My aim is to reflect the unique personalities and moods of the people I shoot. People usually describe my photos as “soulful images” and I believe this is the best reward.

Expression and life!

I love bright, vivid, expressive images! I am a fan of beautiful colors, but I also adore crispy black & white photos.  

The value of true moments!

A great part of my work is mainly capturing spontaneous moments as they come, those precious authentic moments. 

The artistic staged pictures:

I believe that pictures of this sort enrich your wedding gallery and I like to add some beautiful staged photos for you. 

Beautiful portraits:

One of my major tasks while shooting a wedding is to take, with utmost care, a lot of wonderful, expressive portraits.

What is your inspiration?

In general photography, I am inspired by a lot of things that I use in my work: music, literature, painting, fashion, design, cinema, poetry, the history of photography and fine arts.

In wedding photography, PEOPLE are the great creative challenge for me. I find inspiration in their stories, faces, emotions, personalities, and dreams.

We talk in person or via email and I take into consideration their thoughts and desires. My aim is to create wedding pictures of an authentic, honest style, of a precious and highly personalized nature, images that will reflect their truth and natural happiness and beauty.

What are the people you work with looking for?

 It’s plain and simple. They are people who consider photography as one of the most essential parts of their wedding. They appreciate the value that a creative photographer puts in their work and want good quality artistic images. Consequently, they consider our collaboration an investment rather than an extra expense or a “package offer”.

Do you personally cover the wedding day?

Yes, I undertake all my projects personally and I carry out all photo sessions before, during and after the event myself, in order to guarantee that the final outcome will bear my stylistic signature.

Do you keep the copyright of your photos?

Yes, I keep the copyright of all the images that I have created for every project I was involved in: wedding, theater, portraits, other events, etc.

If a client informs me that they do not wish to have their pictures published, I totally respect their will.

What is the «key» to a successful wedding photo shoot?

That is a good question! I do not think there is a stereotypical «recipe» for everything or for every couple. What do you really need for your wedding pictures? I believe that you need a wedding photographer who will shoot in such a discreet manner and with such good energy that you will feel free to express yourself and enjoy your day without worrying about the camera. You need someone who is absolutely ready and loves to capture things as they happen. You need someone who is really passionate with their  work and is there to take only outstanding pictures for you! You need a photographer that appreciates and respects your unique personality. This is my goal.

Is there a team that you work with in order to provide complete services?

 I have my «dream team» and I always have an eye for talented people that are suited to my wedding projects. I have been shooting weddings for more than a decade now and I have collaborated with selected professionals of high standards. I can recommend reliable talented and experienced professionals for videography, bridal make-up and styling if I am asked for advice. I can help with the coordination of the team. In case a couple asks for a second photographer, I collaborate with other talented photographers who have already worked with me in the past and are familiar with my standards and aesthetics.

What kind of photography services do you offer?

I start by devoting plenty of time in preparation so as to make sure that we will secure the best conditions for a successful shooting. I set up timetables; I send out emails with any advice and details.

My photo sessions include:
  • pre-wedding or engagement shooting
  • full wedding day shooting
  • boudoir shooting
  • after wedding shooting
  • portraits
  • baptisms
  • family shootings, new born, pregnancy
  • events (corporate and private)
  • travel photography
  • interior photography
  • and other personal artistic or business projects

How soon should we book?

 It is better to book as soon as you set your wedding date. When a date is booked, I am not able work on another photo shoot on the same day. There are couples that book their dates a year in advance, as soon as they decide to get married.

What is the most demanding aspect of your work?

Every aspect is equally demanding. Actually, it takes a lot of physical and mental energy to complete a good wedding photography session and I do give my best. There are strict time limitations to producing a timeless and artistic picture set. It takes a lot of responsibility, inspiration, technique and magic at the same time. 

Do your photos focus on beauty or truth?

There is no conflict actually. In weddings, real people are always the most beautiful: they are the protagonists of their own great story. I feel excited capturing images of strong emotional power, joy, tenderness, elegance, love. And this is beauty. 

What about the files and albums?

 I offer a variety of elegant and good quality photo albums (modern coffee table books) of a beautiful minimalistic design with inspired personalized covers of several sizes and styles.

You may also choose from an exclusive variety of handmade vintage albums with beautiful silk cloth covers or covers made of other materials. 

For my albums, I work with my experienced album designer and selected reliable photo labs with calibrated systems in order to print my images accurately.

I suggest a modern, minimalist and clean-cut style for the albums, so that you can enjoy the beauty and power of the photos.

 All images are shot in Raw Format for greater flexibility in editing and good quality archives. After editing and selecting, your digital files are ready to be given to you in .jpg format and in an elegant case that includes a DVD and tips for keeping your archives safe. Lots of packages include high resolution files.

Other inspiring ideas?

  • The Book of your story (words and pictures)
  • The Boudoir shooting
  • The Blessing cards
  • 3-D Plexiglas for outstanding gifts!

Ask for any new ideas or have a look at my website.